Upcoming Meetings

Our HOA Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Poolhouse. 

All residents and homeowners are welcome!


Community Reminders

Upcoming Street Sweeping

We will be having street sweeping in April (date to be sent out as soon as it is finalized). If you have sand/dirt in your driveway or sidewalk that you would like removed, please sweep it into the street where it will be vacuumed away. 

Managed by

Parkside's management company is Gates Hudson Community Management.  

Governance is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of homeowners elected by the homeowners.

Our Community Manager is Carrie Wakefield, and she can be contacted at 703-752-8300 x708, or via email at   CWakefield@ghacm.com


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Attention Dog Owners!

Please remember to pick up after your dogs to keep our community looking good and sanitary.  Pet waste stations are located throughout our neighborhood and are well maintained by "Doody Calls."  Please use the bags and trash bins provided and do not leave waste or throw bags in the storm sewers, which results in additional costs to the HOA.   Please abide by our HOA rules and avoid fines of up to $200 from Fairfax County by simply doing the responsible thing and cleaning up after your pet.

Trash and Recycling Information and Schedule


SCHEDULE: Parkside’s curbside trash/recycling is removed as follows:

Trash – Mondays and Thursdays

Recycling – Thursdays only

American Disposal begins service at 6:00 a.m. and tries to service Parkside during normal business hours, but due to uncertainties along the route, this cannot be guaranteed.


HOLIDAYS: Service is provided on all holidays EXCEPT:

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Years Day

On these holidays, service is skipped and the next pickup is on the next regularly-scheduled pick-up day.

CHRISTMAS TREES: Nude Christmas trees (no ornamentation, including tinsel) are removed on specific days soon after the holiday; the schedule will be posted when it is available.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: American Disposal will make every effort to remove refuse on snow/ice days without unnecessarily endangering either its employees or equipment. Collection will be suspended upon notification from VDOT that a snow/ice emergency exists. Under such an emergency, refuse will be collected on the next regularly-scheduled service day, road conditions permitting. In addition, the Contractor reserves the right to cancel collection service on days in areas in which they deem the roads to be unsafe due to snow/ice; there will be no makeup day.


FAIRFAX COUNTY REGULATIONS: The following items will NOT be collected: liquids of any kind, dead animals, oil, paint, batteries, construction material, manure, tree stumps, mulch, sod, dirt, stone, rocks, cement, bricks, poisons, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives or other dangerous material or items too large or too heavy to be loaded safely by the refuse collectors.


SPECIAL PICKUPS: American Disposal provides special pickups for the following: furniture, extra large amounts of yard debris, mattresses, and other large non-metal household items. Ferrous metals/white goods, such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water tanks and other large bulky items should be called in to their office at least 24 hours in advance of trash collection day. These items will be collected BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on the 2 nd pickup day; there will be an additional charge for white goods.


PARKSIDE POLICY: All household trash, recycling and other items placed curbside for collection shall be first placed in hard rubber or plastic containers covered with a lid. Homeowners shall take the necessary precautions to prevent the contents of such containers from tipping and/or spilling. Any trash that does not fit within the homeowner’s trash container shall be placed curbside in an appropriate manner to avoid interfering with the public right of way, ingress/egress, easement, and other residential lots or common areas. Any trash placed curbside in this manner must also be properly secured to prevent its contents from being disturbed due to weather conditions and/or animals. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove trash and debris which has blown onto other homeowner’s property and/or common areas.


Trash cans and recycling bins shall be stored out of sight. Trash cans and recycling bins shall be removed from the front curb following trash pick-up and are never to be stored in front of the house or remain in public view on non- collection days.